Friday, 3 July 2015

Kun-rét #2

Finally we are on holiday!! First thing on the vacation we camped out at Kun-rét. Ruby guarded our dreams in the wilderness. :)

Végre szabadságon! Első dolgunk volt egy langy nyári éjszakára kiköltözni a Kun-rétre. Ruby őrizte az álmunk a vadonban. :)

Border collie running on a summer meadow
Ruby van der Grass
Insects flying in the summer sunset at Kun-rét, Börzsöny
Kun-rét, Börzsöny, sunset
Sunset at Kun-rét
Flies in sunset setting
Border collie gesturing with her leg

Border collie eating
I'm watching you
Night panorama of Diósjenő and Rétság
Full moon over the villages
Panorama from the Kun-rét
Scenic view after sunrise
Lizard sunbathing on wood
Morning sunbath
Weltering border collie
Morning fun
Border collie watching from a high-stand
Bird singing on top of a wild pear tree
Morning  song
Daisies near Kun-rét, Börzsöny
Bee cleaning itself on a wild flower
Bee clean!
Grasshoppers on a grass tiller
Morning laziness

Purple blossom on green background

Wild strawberries on a palm
The usual breakfast here

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