Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Grey sweater in grey weather

The blog proudly presents the kitchen-maid's latest WIP!
I wish i could rip out the clouds which have been stuck in here lately, just like i did to this piece at least 3 times till i understood (though i had been warned beforehand) that Japanese patterns don't differentiate between right side and wrong side signs. (Actually, this is the first time i've been knitting cable from a real pattern so this might even be true to all patterns of the world - only i didn't know about it. I always learn best from my own mistakes!)

This is supposed to be an Aran vest
A swift spring (rather late-winter) storm has just passed by. Frightened from a thunder Ruby almost sprang in my neck! I'm desperate. In the past 3 years she's had absolutely no problem with storms. But last New Year's Eve we got under severe pyrotechnic attack even here, at the end of nowhere, and i'm afraid this stupid human "celebration" just broke her. 
Are border collies often afraid of storms?

Spectacular but cold and windy

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